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Susan Hendrix is a blind Greenwich Village housewife.  She becomes the target of three tenacious con men that are determined to get their hands on a precious item located in her apartment. When Susan discovers her life is at stake, she must use all of her cunning and wits to fend off the three murderous villains and survive the night… And she must do all of this without the benefit of sight.



Monday, August 26 and Tuesday, August 27 @ 6:30 PM 




The Venue Creekside

527 Inman St.

(behind Starbucks, next to Mexican restaurant)

Cleveland, TN



It would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the play and its characters. The play calls for actors who can convey believability under tense and even thrilling circumstances. With this in mind, be prepared to read from copies of the script that will be provided at the auditions. Also, you may prepare a short monologue (not exceeding 2 minutes), but it is not necessary. 



The descriptions of the characters and their ages are open to interpretation.  If you feel you can carry the role, please don’t hesitate to audition. 


SUSAN HENDRIX – Female 25-35  


Susan lost her sight in a recent automobile accident and has had to adjust to life as a blind woman. She wants nothing more than to have her independence back. She relies on her husband to give her strength but struggles with loneliness and dependence since the accident. Her perfectionist nature causes her to keep an orderly home. Having everything in its place has become a necessity since losing her vision. Great resourcefulness does allow her some autonomy. She is warm-hearted and trusting, but can have a biting edge to her personality when she is provoked. Susan’s cleverness and quick thinking allow her to observe more than most people can with just their eyes.


HARRY ROAT, JR.– Male 40 -60 


Harry is a cruel and sinister individual. He uses his extreme cunning to get the upper hand and achieve whatever outcome he desires. He is cold, calculating, callous and violent. He selfishly pursues his own interests and demands others to become complicit with his schemes. Roat has no interest in humor and does not suffer fools for long. He takes great pleasure in watching his prey suffer and has no remorse when torturing them. Roat’s enemies end up dead. He is a great game player and a master of disguise.


SAM HENDRIX– Male 25-40 


Sam is a photographer who works diligently in his studio office and often brings work home. He is committed to his to work and seeks perfection in the images he creates. His perfectionist nature defines every task he takes on as he completes it to the utmost quality. As a veteran, he has a strong sense of self-discipline that defines his personality. Sam has struggled to give his wife (Susan) a sense of independence since her accident and is persistent in demanding she learn to do things on her own. He loves Susan very much, but wants her to challenge herself to be independent and self-sufficient.


MIKE TALMAN- Male 25-40


Mike is an ex-convict that easily gains people’s trust. Mike’s life has forced him into a life of crime and it is a cycle he cannot escape. Working as a con man comes naturally to him and he is very good at his chosen profession. He is suave, smart, and seductive. His charisma and keen intelligence allow him to spin fantastic yet fully believable lies. He can effortlessly take on other personas and is incredibly detailed in the characters he creates. He does have some empathy for others but it is not strong enough to stop his greed. 


SGT. CARLINO– Male 20-60 


Carlino is a corrupt ex-cop and a con man who has had many prior convictions. Money and greed drives all that he does. An experienced criminal, he proves better at lending muscles to an operation than brains. He can prove to be a liability when his clumsiness creates trouble for himself and those around him. He can be impulsive, sloppy, and a bit of a brute. He has a difficult time keeping his cool in situations that demand immense attention to detail. Carlino is someone you want to have to handle the dirty work.


GLORIA– Female, young teen


Gloria is a young girl with mostly absent parents who often finds sanctuary with her downstairs neighbors, the Hendrix.  She’s helpful and assists her blind neighbor, Susan Hendrix, with shopping and other needs. As a sensitive young person with a difficult family life, Gloria struggles with insecurity. However, she proves to be smarter than most adults would believe. 



Rehearsals are generally held on weekday evenings. The director will select the days depending on everyone’s needs after casting and prior to first rehearsal. Plan on three times a week and more closer to opening night. (Please raise any prior commitments or needs with the Director at auditions.) 


October 19, 20

October 25, 26, 27 


The Venue Creekside

Cleveland, TN. 

Need more details about auditions? Call and leave a message at 423-504-8747. 

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